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JRH889 Scott MacTaggert Catapult at 1/96 scale-image

JRH889 Scott MacTaggert Catapult at 1/96 scale

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1. Solder/Glue these three sections together - make sure that you get the indicated FFF and RRR.2. Put on the 1and 14 end brackets.3. Start to fix all other internal brackets -make sure 2a slots into 2a position. Spring sides to help assembly.4. Fix 4 x S brackets where indicated.5. Bend up A and B brackets --take care when soldering top of brackets not to intefere with cetntral hole/slot with excess solder/glue.6. Fix A and B to main frame [ this is a tight fit ] and add the 4 multi-hole strip to the brackets to close the gaps.7. Bend up loose tray and fix where shown at the Front RH side. No location provided as this tray is optional.8. Bend up the two brackets that fit onto the underside of A and B brackets. These represent the wheels that travel around the edge of the circular raised central drum on which the toothed annular gear sits centrally.9. This is the start of the two loose/sliding extension pieces, fit one side onto the bottom piece.10. Fix all 5 internal spacers keeping the smallest tab at the bottom. This will allow the assembled piece to slide without fouling.11. Fix the top piece which sits below the top of the side pieces.12. Fix the remaining side to complete and clean up.13. This shows the sliding extension piece in position.14. Aircraft Trolley, fold up as shown.15. Add brackets Z and X.16. Fit to the Catapult the trolley where required with the higher trolley brackets to be secured to the Walrus aircraft [ JRH 603 ] towards the tail end and the lower brackets to be secured under the aircraft lower wing where the fuselage has a step.17. The ring provided sits centrally on the raised circular platform. For more information on this Catapult , obtain a copy of Model Shipwright number 33 dated Sept 1980 ISBN 0 85177 190 4 This article has pictures and lots of other ancilliary information.