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JRH876 1/96 RN Aircraft crane kit-image

JRH876 1/96 RN Aircraft crane kit

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Construction:a: Start of Assembly ------ Fit together the side framesto the base.b: Make sure to fit the pivot re-inforcing tabs when sliding the front panel back at an angle.c: Fold up the top tray and attach to crane base at the top of the left hand side.d: Fit the two top tray supporting brackets.e: Spring fit the two white-metal drums where shown and glue on the resin parts shown in the picture . To get good adhesion lightly run the brass with fine sandpaper before fixing.f: Another view of previous step.g: Fit the back panel. You will need to trim the locating tabs a little to get the back on.h: Fit the other base parts as shown.i: Fit the top tray with the textured floor.j: fit the top tray gear.k: Cut out the Jib parts and when assemblingfix the RH side piece to the top piece which is the shorter of the two [top and bottom].l: Remember that with PE the half-etched line is Bend to Close.m: Bend the bottom piece as shown.n: Drill all 5 pulley assembles [ 2 single/2 double and 1 four pulley ] with 1mm drill all the way through and the two double ones shown are fittedas shown.o: The central 4 pulley assembly must be fitted by drilling a new 1mm hole at the bottom of the side frame where shown and not at the existing hole.p: The final product.