JRH 702 Aircraft Crane base kit: Construction Guide

This is a scale 1/96 part.

Construction advice:

a) Showing the 9 parts in the kit.
b) Fit the circular base into the baseframe keeping the circular base bottom ring rear-facing.
c) Note that the 2 mainstruts have a noticable bend to the bottom fixing ring. The top ring has a lesser angled bend.
d) Drill the top wheel assembly 1mm and fix the rear shorter strut to this.
e) Drill the baseframe 1mm to fix the two main long struts. The hole in the baseframe should be just above and to the rear of the rear pip.
f)  Fit all the struts and locate the two main strut loops onto the top wheel assembly pips.
g) Fit the top plate to the baseframe.
h) Fix the seperate wheel assembly to the top plate on the baseframe.
i)  Seperate wheel for the PE crane JRH 703.
j)  On completion, the Crane should look like this.