JRH 632 Twin Bofor kit + PE. Fret: Construction Guide

A 1/96 scale kit

1)  Complete list of kit parts

2)  Drill out rear platform 0.7mm drill and fit backframe [ use cyano glue ] look carefully to see where to bend frame. Back rail should be over triangular section on platform

3)  Fit circular base ring and platform to trunnion. Drill out trunnion holes for handles 0.45mm

4) and 5)  Fit twin chutes to trunnion base and platform triangular section

6)  Cut out PE sights and guards and split as shown

7)  Drill out barrel 0.45mm and fit PE sight

8)  Twist sight guard through 90 degrees

9)  Curve over the guard as shown

10) Twist sight bar through 90 degrees

11)  Pull up target sight and rear eyepiece

12)  Drill out 4 cooling hose holes 0.7mm

13)  Fit elevation gear into breech channel . The gear sits up into the barrel middle gap.

14)  Fit barrel assembly between the trunnion ears and cyano, also where the barrel tails slot into the chutes.

15)  Fit seats as shown both sides

16)  Fold up and fit the PE elevation and training handles

17), 18) and 19) Using 22g copper wire 22mm long curved as shown  for each hose,  fit the 4 cooling hoses.

 This completes the construction guide.